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Welcome to Website Academy, the beginning of a site that’ll walk you through this website creating, monetizing and potentially selling business. My name’s Shaun Letang, you can see my mug on the right (desktop) or below (mobile). I run a number of successful websites, bringing in over a million page views per month. You can see more about me via the About page.

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How to Make a Cake Website
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Cake Website 2024 [Start a Cake Making or Decorating Business]

Whether you’re just starting with your cake-making business or you’ve decided to make the jump to bring your business online, designing your website can feel intimidating. Luckily blogging platforms like WordPress make creating your website simple. Continue reading for tips on how to make a cake website using WordPress:

How to Make A Babysitting Website - Suitable for Nurseries & Childminders
Make An Authority Website

How to Make A Babysitting Website 2024 – Suitable for Nurseries & Childminders

A reliable website is the cornerstone of a modern professional. It’s a resume and an interview all in one. For professional babysitters and childminders, a website is the first point of contact for parents. You can make it easy for them to trust your services. With reliable content and simple navigation, you can be a…

How to Create a Happy Birthday Website - Doubles as an Online Invitation
Make An Authority Website

How to Create a Happy Birthday Website 2024 – Doubles As An Online Invitation

So, you want to know how to create a birthday website. It is an excellent idea if you’d like to try something fun and unique for your child’s birthday. Whatever the reason you want to make one, a birthday website can be a fantastic way to show someone how much you love them while also…

How to make a website for beginners
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Website For Beginners In 2024, Step By Step!

Hi there friend, looking to set up your own website? Then follow the below simple step by step instructions, and have your professional looking website set up from start to finish today! In fact, you’ll have your core website set up fast within the next few minutes! 😉 There’s a written guide below, but if…

Featured Image - How To Pass Core Web Vitals
Improve Your Website

How To Pass Core Web Vitals Step By Step For Beginners, Even With Mediavine Or AdThrive

In this article I’ll show you how to pass Core Web Vitals using the exact tech and techniques I used to pass 7 different sites, some of which had AdThrive and Mediavine ads. But first, never take advice on passing Core Web Vitals from an article which doesn’t pass Core Web Vitals. Check if this…

How To Make A Soccer Website Fast
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Soccer Website Fast 2024 [For Football Leagues & Teams]

If you have a soccer team, you’ll need a way to connect to your fans while providing all of the information they might possibly need in one place. That’s where a well-constructed website comes into play. A website for your soccer team can provide one-stop shopping for any fan. It conveys information about your team,…