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Welcome to Website Academy, the beginning of a site that’ll walk you through this website creating, monetizing and potentially selling business. My name’s Shaun Letang, you can see my mug on the right (desktop) or below (mobile). I run a number of successful websites, bringing in over a million page views per month. You can see more about me via the About page.

On Website Academy, myself and my team will be providing you with high quality guides in each of these areas:

  • Building A Website In Specific Niches
  • Improving & Marketing & Monetizing Your Site
  • Website Buying & Selling
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How to make a website for beginners
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Website For Beginners In 2021, Step By Step!

Hi there friend, looking to set up your own website? Then follow the below simple step by step instructions, and have your professional looking website set up from start to finish today! In fact, you’ll have your core website set up fast within the next few minutes! 😉 There’s a written guide below, but if…

Featured Image - How To Pass Core Web Vitals
Improve Your Website

How To Pass Core Web Vitals Step By Step For Beginners, Even With Mediavine Or AdThrive

In this article I’ll show you how to pass Core Web Vitals using the exact tech and techniques I used to pass 7 different sites, some of which had AdThrive and Mediavine ads. But first, never take advice on passing Core Web Vitals from an article which doesn’t pass Core Web Vitals. Check if this…

How To Make A Soccer Website Fast
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Soccer Website Fast 2021 [For Football Leagues & Teams]

If you have a soccer team, you’ll need a way to connect to your fans while providing all of the information they might possibly need in one place. That’s where a well-constructed website comes into play. A website for your soccer team can provide one-stop shopping for any fan. It conveys information about your team,…

How To Build A Salon Website
Make An Authority Website

How To Make A Salon Website Easily 2021 – Step By Step

If you want to run a successful salon, you’ll want to entice potential clients with the types of services you provide. Promoting your business online is a reliable way to gain clients, but it may be challenging if you don’t have experience creating websites. If you don’t know how to build a salon website, several…

ClusterAi Reviewed
Digital Marketing Product Reviews Uncategorized

ClusterAi Review, Is This Keyword Research Tool Worth Using?

This is a review of the ClusterAi Keyword research tool. If you want to sort through your keywords and have currently been doing it manually, this tool could be a huge timesaver for you. In this review we look at what ClusterAi does, how much it costs, whether it’s worth it or not, and more….

Order form bump example
Digital Marketing Product Reviews

ThriveCart Review 2021 – Tested $54,028+ In Sales Through This Shopping Cart

Hi there, today I’m going to give you a brutally honest review of the Thrivecart shopping cart. By the way, by clicking that link you will avoid the waiting list and can buy Thrivecart right away! As a selected partner (made so because I’ve sold a good amount of my digital product through Thrivecart), for a…

How To Promote Your Church Website For Growth And Improvement
How To Market Your Website

How To Promote Your Church Website For Growth And Improvement

Once your church website is set up, it can begin attracting visitors all on its own. But unless a lot of people know who you are and what you do, typically, this doesn’t happen. Some work must go into spreading the word. So, it’s important to create awareness for your congregation and website through ongoing…