How To Make A Jewelry Business Website 2024 – Time To Shine Bright

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All Jewelry Websites Need These Important Pages

You’ve started making jewelry.

Your friends have been giving positive feedback on your creations.

Now, you’re starting to think about expanding your client base.

By setting up your business website, you can quickly expand your potential customer base to a national and even global level. If your friends love your jewelry, surely there is a bigger market that would enjoy your trinkets too.

Here are the four steps you need to follow to get your site set up.

1. Build Your Jewelry Website Using The WordPress CMS

Build Your Jewelry Website Using The WordPress CMS

There are a few different content management systems (CMS) out there, but in this guide, I’m going to explain how to set up your website on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is an extremely flexible website building tool that allows you to create websites of all kinds – not just blogs. WordPress makes up roughly 30% of the web for good reason.

You can even set up your new eCommerce jewelry store with WordPress.

But before we install the CMS, the first thing you need to do is buy your domain name and hosting here*.

Ideally, your domain name should be the name of your store (i.e. but it can also be your first and last name if that’s how you’re planning to build your brand.

Once you have your domain name and hosting in place, you’re ready to install WordPress. This is a one-click process and should prove relatively straightforward. If you’ve done everything correctly, your website should be set up and ready to go. But if you need additional help, read this guide.

Now you have your website, this is where the fun part begins – customization.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find an appropriate theme for your website, which will dictate the look and feel of the site.

So, let’s move onto the next step, where you’ll learn about several glamorous jewelry themes you can use for your site.

* Disclosure: If you go on to buy hosting through my Justhost link, I get a commission from it. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, nor is it the reason I recommend this hosting company. I recommend it because I use them to host many of my websites, and they’re the best value hosting company for new websites.

2. Add A Glamorous Jewelry Theme & Get Your Site Looking The Part

Add A Glamorous Jewelry Theme For Your Site

A beautiful WordPress theme is everything you need to show off your jewelry and gain the attention of your customers.

Developing your own theme or even taking and modifying a free theme can be a grueling process. It’s much easier to start with a theme you love and go from there.

Here are three themes that can help you get your site looking the part:

Royal Jewelry WordPress Responsive Theme

Royal Jewelry is the only WordPress theme that was created specifically for jewelry makers like yourself.

This glamorous theme comes with a responsive design, a theme options panel, multiple content elements (such as gallery styles, team pages, shop pages, and so forth), layout options for blog posts, and much more.

This theme is worth a look for every jewelry maker.

Jewel – Responsive Business WordPress Them

The Jewel theme isn’t necessarily for jewelry sites specifically. But it is highly customizable and can work well for a variety of different types of sites.

Jewel comes with responsive design, a powerful theme options panel, color scheme manager, visual composer drag and drop editor, the Slider Revolution plugin, 24/7 support, and is retina ready.

This theme comes with Portfolio Pages which will allow you to showcase your jewelry creations to the world in an eye-catching way.

VEDA | Multi-Purpose Theme

VEDA is another option worth looking at for your online jewelry store.

As with Jewel, VEDA isn’t specifically for jewelry-oriented websites, but because it comes with a surprising 200+ demos, finding a layout that works for you should be a breeze (they have one demo specifically called “Jewel Shop”).

VEDA comes with visual composer, 100+ unique shortcodes, dedicated shop pages (with two unique shop themes), and much more.

3. All Jewelry Websites Need These Important Pages

4 Steps To Making A Successful Jewelry Business Website

Your jewelry website will never be complete without the right pages.

Online consumers are used to scanning various websites and come to expect certain content no matter where they look.

Here are a few important pages you should set up on your site:

  • Journal. Many popular jewelry websites have a “Journal” page. This is where brands typically showcase the press they’ve received, along with plenty of photos of models and others wearing their jewelry. When your jewelry has appeared in photos, it’s always good to show it off, as it can lead to more credibility and more customers.
  • World Of. Several known jewelry websites have a “World of…” page where you can go to learn about the company and their products. Some sites use it to show off photos that have been tagged with a specific hashtag, others use it to highlight the various collections they have. There’s no right or wrong way, only what’s right for your business.
  • Our Story. This could also be your “About” page. Many people like to learn how your jewelry is made, who it’s for (i.e. men or women), what values you stand by, and so on. Use this page to give your brand an identity.

The most important part of any jewelry website is the store. As such, it’s important to have your products organized by category so it’s easy for your prospects and customers to find what they’re looking for.

4. Get Ideas Of What Looks Good From The Competition

Get Ideas Of What Looks Good From The Competition

It’s okay to take inspiration form other websites, so long as you don’t steal their ideas exactly.

And there is no shortage of sites to look at for inspiration.

I’m going to highlight three here, and talk about what these sites are doing right:

  • Harry Winston: The Harry Winston website instantly screams “elegance” with its full-page photos featuring their jewelry, sans-serif font, and simple navigation. There are only five links in their menu bar, making it easy for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Their drop-down menus are also very well-built and offer previews of various products as you roll over the links.
  • YIELD: Simple, elegant, and visually stimulating. The YIELD website features simple navigation, a coupon code for customers to claim at the top of the page, and a handy search bar to help visitors find what they’re looking for. Additionally, when you roll over pictures of jewelry, you get to see secondary pictures that show case the pieces from another angle or in another context.
  • F A R I S: You won’t find too many sites as simple and minimal as F A R I S. There are only two links in the navigation bar and a shopping cart (with your total) on the upper right-hand side. The homepage features links to a few inner pages, and that’s about it. Everything else can be found in the footer, which is also minimalistic, and features an email signup form – something you should consider putting on your website.

How To Create A Jewelry Website For Your Business Conclusion

Your website is a living, breathing thing. No one ever gets their website “perfect” if their business keeps evolving. You’ll keep adding new content, new pictures, new technology, and possibly even new products.

It’s important to structure your website logically so it’s easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. But beyond that, allow your website to grow into what it’s becoming. You’ll probably keep making changes down the line anyway. You’ll also want to promote your jewelry business website to maximize sales.

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