Shaun Letang - Website Academy

Hey there, my name’s Shaun Letang, and I’m the owner of this website. Here myself and other digital entrepreneurs show you how we go about making sites.

I’ll be honest with you, this is more the beginning of a side project than anything. I’ve always enjoyed the whole ‘make money online’ world and love talking about it, but I make my income through my sites rather than teaching others to do what I do.

One of my sites is Music Industry How To, an advice website for musicians. This website has over 1,000 articles from credible and authoritative musicians & music industry professionals. It gets hundreds of thousands of visits a month. I also have other websites which get hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of visitors per month.

And… urm, that’s it for now.

I probably should add a lead gen form so I can entice you in with an irresistible freebie then email you helpful content which I somehow monetize.

[placeholder for lead gen form]

I’ll leave that there for now and get back to it in future when I’m not busy running my portfolio of sites. 🙂

Shaun Letang.