ClusterAi Review, Is This Keyword Research Tool Worth Using?

This is a review of the ClusterAi Keyword research tool.

If you want to sort through your keywords and have currently been doing it manually, this tool could be a huge timesaver for you.

In this review we look at what ClusterAi does, how much it costs, whether it’s worth it or not, and more.

Let’s get started.

What Is ClusterAi?

ClusterAi is a keyword filtering tool.

The aim behind it is to take away many manual hours of putting together keyword groups.

It does this via software and claims to take an hour to do what would take you days to do manually.

ClusterAi Price

How much does ClusterAi cost?

Well you can currently get a free ClusterAi trial which should be enough for you to decide if this tool is for you or not.

After the trail the ClusterAi price varies depending on how many credits you need:

1,000 credits5,000 credits15,000 credits25,000 credits50,000 credits100,000 credits
0.039 per keyword.0.018 per keyword.0.012 per keyword.0.010 per keyword.0.008 per keyword.0.007 per keyword.

Considering it allows you to map out over three years worth of content in around a day, I’d say that’s a really good price.

The price of having someone manually map out keywords and sort them into a logical order is a LOT expensive, both in terms of time and money.

Instructions On How To Use ClusterAi

The idea behind using this tool is easy:

  1. Decide what topic you want to filter keywords around.
  2. Get a list of these keywords via Ahrefs (what I personally use), SEM Rush, or Google Search Consol.
  3. Export your keyword list.
  4. Import your keyword list into ClusterAi.
  5. ClusterAI gives you a spreadsheet with keyword clusters you can use for your articles and blog posts.

If you want more info, here’s a video running you through the process:

Who Created ClusterAi?

The ClusterAi software was created by the Content Distribution team.

They’ve been speaking about clustering keywords together for many months now in their impressive case study articles, but not given the chance for others to use this tool publicly.

This has now changed.

ClusterAi Review Conclusion

ClusterAi looks like it could be a really handy tool to save lots of time on keyword research.

I’m still going through this software and I will update this review a lot more thoroughly in future.

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