Congratulations On Signing Up! Have A Finished Website Within 10 Minutes…

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Quick questions though, have you created your website yet?

If not you can get it up and running within the next 10 or so minutes using these steps:

  1. Decide on your website name.
  2. Buy your website name and web space here (also known as ‘hosting’) using Justhost. I’m an affiliate for them, and if you buy through my link I’ll get a small commission. This however does not mean you’ll pay any more, and this commission doesn’t influence this recommendation. I’m the owner of multiple Justhost accounts myself. 🙂
  3. Click the easy to use ‘WordPress Site Builder’ on Justhost and follow the simple instructions (just adding your Domain name and confirming you want WordPress).
  4. That’s it, you’re now the owner of a brand new website which people can come and visit! 😉

You can see a video of me doing that over here:

You can also read my full guide on website creation here and further kit out your website so it looks super professional!