3. Getting Traffic Around Your Website’s Theme

Getting targeted traffic to your website

So now you’ve got a website based around your passion, and you’re ready for people to see it. But wait, no one is visiting yet! While it’s not always clear when you’re new to site building, traffic won’t automatically find you once you make your website go live. If you want people to visit your blog, you have to go out there and promote your site!

That said, this page links to guides which will tell you how to promote your website in your niche. Click the relevant one below and start getting traffic today:

  1. Cryptocurrency: Getting coin investors to you website.
  2. Fitness: Promoting your fitness site to get visitors.
  3. Music: Marketing tips for music website owners.
  4. Plumbing: How to get new leads.
  5. Real Estate: Drive website visitors and leads for your real estate business.
  6. Recipe: Getting traffic to your recipe blog.
  7. Photography: How to get your photography website out there.
  8. Authors: How to get readers to your author website using digital advertising.
  9. Lifestyle: How to get the first 1000 visitors to your lifestyle blog.
  10. Church: How to promote your church website for growth and improvement.
  11. Education: The best ways to marketing your education website & sell your online courses.
  12. Youtube: 4 top marketing tips for youtube website owners.
  13. Library: Library marketing secrets, tips for getting your website exposure.
  14. College: Top strategies for promoting your college website.
  15. Artists: You’re an artist website, here’s how to market it.
  16. Hotel: How to get more bookings with your hotel website.
  17. Jewelry: Got a jewelry business website? Here’s how to promote it.

More niches coming soon.