Got A Jewelry Business Website? Here’s How To Promote It

Got A Jewelry Business Website? Here’s How To Promote It

You know your beautiful jewelry deserves to be seen by the world, but you’re not quite sure where to get started.

You built a website, and that’s a good step to take. But how do you get people coming to your website and create more interest in your products?

Don’t let yourself get frazzled. Promoting your jewelry online isn’t that difficult if you know what tools to use.

In this guide, I’ll show you four different ways you can promote your jewelry business website.

Use Pinterest And Instagram To Show Off Your Bling And Attempt To Go Viral

Use Pinterest And Instagram To Show Off Your Bling And Attempt To Go Viral

Social media is a great place to show off your jewelry.

But two of the best places to share your creations with the world are Instagram and Pinterest.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a mobile app where people go to look at and share photos and short videos. That’s it. It’s very straightforward and simple to use. Remember to flesh out your profile with a picture, link to your website, and short bio. This will increase your chances of connecting with more people and directing them to your website where they can see your jewelry.

The results you get from Instagram largely depend on how you use it. Many people see it as an effective brand building tool, and if you make it a point to post on-brand media, this is certainly the case. Perhaps the best aspect of Instagram is the ability to build awareness for your product.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the perfect place to be for jewelry makers for several reasons. One, the female user base on Pinterest is much bigger than its male user base. Two, Pinterest is a powerful sales conversion tool. It is said to have a 50% higher conversion rate than its rival social media sites. Three, Pinterest is where users go to “pin” their favorite discoveries to their pinboards. This means there’s some viral potential.

Whether you’re using Instagram, Pinterest, or both, make it a point to share (or pin) new content and interact with the community frequently. Your account could be mislabeled as “fake” by others if you don’t keep it updated.

Collaborate With Other Brands, Musicians, Celebrities And The Like

Collaborate With Other Brands, Musicians, Celebrities

Building traffic to a website can be a massive undertaking and it can take a lot of time too. Don’t try to go it alone. You’ll have much better luck promoting your website if you can gain the cooperation and support of the community, especially from those who wield a lot of influence.

The thought of approaching models, musicians, celebrities, and other influencers and asking them to wear your jewelry might scare you. But this is one of those instances where you just don’t know unless you ask.

If you can’t seem to get through to your favorite actress or rock star, start a little more simply. Find Instagram “stars” in your locality who are constantly taking shots of themselves wearing different clothing and accessories. If you can get them wearing your jewelry in their photos, it could mean a lot of exposure for your brand.

Another good avenue to explore is magazine exposure. There are plenty of magazines out there that cover models, fashion, accessories, lifestyle, and the like. If you find a magazine that features jewelry like your creations, you might consider approaching them with the idea of using your creations in a photoshoot.

You might want to consider blogs and podcasts as well. For instance, you could approach a popular blogger in your niche to wear and review your jewelry in an upcoming post. If it’s a good fit, you might even be able to create a long-term partnership with these influencers.

Get Involved On Forums And Popular Website Comments Sections

Get Involved On Forums And Popular Website Comments Sections

This is not universally true, but most jewelry businesses are represented by women, because they care more about fashion and accessories.

Again, this is also a vast generalization, but most women tend to be more social and mindful than men and are great at striking up conversations and making new friends.

If this describes you, then odds are you’ll be great at connecting with people on forums and in the comments sections of blogs.

There might be sites you regularly scan already, and these can be great sites to target in your networking efforts.

But if you aren’t sure where to begin, here are three sites worth checking out:

  • Jewelry Making Forums: A great place to post if you’re looking to build authority in your industry. You won’t necessarily attract your ideal customer base through a forum like this, because it caters to jewelry makers as opposed to people looking to buy jewelry, but it can’t hurt building your name in the community.
  • Gem Gossip: A popular blog where jewelry collector Danielle shares her various adventures finding and trying on jewelry. Leaving comments on sites like these can help you build a relationship with blog owners and interact with community members who have questions they’d like answered.
  • Diamonds in the Library: Becky, a lifetime jewelry enthusiast and professional writer/editor started Diamonds in the Library, a popular blog where she offers tips and advice on jewelry and covers a variety of different types of accessories. She also has book reviews on her website.

Use Youtube To Showcase Your Jewelry Business

Use Youtube To Showcase Your Jewelry Business

YouTube is a powerful marketing channel for everything visual.

When it comes to jewelry, people don’t just want to know how it feels – the also want to see what it looks like.

What better way to show off your jewelry than with the video medium?

If you’re just getting started, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on your videos. You could just take videos of you wearing your jewelry with your smartphone and upload them to YouTube.

Once you have a bigger budget, you might consider investing in a better camera (such as a DSLR) and lights, or even hiring a videographer to capture and edit your videos for you.

It’s also good to be aware that there are many types of videos you can produce for your channel. You can create vlogs. You can create tutorials (although it’s important to understand you might attract the DIY crowd as opposed to your target customer if you go this route). You can create product demos. You could even host interviews with celebrities or models who love your jewelry.

Get creative! You never know what your audience might be drawn to, and if you want to make the most of YouTube, you should publish new content on an ongoing basis.

Don’t worry about creating “perfect” content to begin with. Get into the flow of creating first, then adjust as necessary.

Marketing For Jewelry Business Conclusion

Get started and keep started. At first, marketing will require ongoing effort on your part, and you won’t necessarily see huge results from your initial effort. But over time it will add up, and you will begin to see more traffic coming to your website.

Stay focused on the right things. If you get a ton of traffic but don’t have jewelry to sell, you could leave a lot of opportunity on the table. Put your jewelry first. Then build your marketing strategies around the above suggestions. If possible, create a checklist and make promotion a daily practice.

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