How to Create a Happy Birthday Website 2024 – Doubles As An Online Invitation

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So, you want to know how to create a birthday website. It is an excellent idea if you’d like to try something fun and unique for your child’s birthday.

Whatever the reason you want to make one, a birthday website can be a fantastic way to show someone how much you love them while also having full control over designing their gift. Websites are endlessly personalizable and fabulous for incorporating multimedia content.

This article will detail how you can create the perfect birthday website for the big day.

How To Make A Happy Birthday Website In Less Than 12 Minutes

I still find it amazing that in under 12 minutes you can create a powerful website for that loved one’s bithday… But you can. Simply follow these simple instructions to create yours:

  • Go to JustHost. This is where we’ll host (store) your website.
  • Click the Get Started Now button to get started at a discounted rate.
  • Account plan wise, ‘Basic’ should be selected (unless you want to make more than one website).
  • Next select the website name you’re after, for example – click ‘Next’.
  • Complete the sign-up form. It’s straightforward, but uncheck all ‘Package Extras’ as they’re not needed. Press ‘Submit’ at the bottom once your details are added.
  • Find & click ‘Install WordPress’ – this will make your site.
  • They’ll take you through the process, so follow the onscreen instructions – apart from installing their plugins & themes.
  • To keep your personal details private, when on Justhost, click ‘Domains’ in the navigation. Then ‘Manage’, ‘Security’, then toggle ‘Domain Privacy’ on this new screen.

And we’re done! All in under 12 minutes.

Now your core birthday site is setup, you may want to think about how your website looks. If so, these themes will help make your birthday website look spectacular.

Four Birthday Themes on WordPress to Make the Site Look Great

The first step in designing a spectacular birthday website is choosing a theme. There is nothing worse than going through all the trouble to create a website, only to realize no one wants to read it because it is boring to look at. This is for a birthday; make it look like a party!

WordPress has near-endless options for themes, so it can take a while to go through them all. Here are some recommendations that will really jazz up the site’s overall look (click the ‘live preview’ option on each page to see the themes shine):


Unica’s Event Planning Birthday and Wedding theme is one of the best options for a birthday website theme. It’s festive and makes for a good backdrop to any event. It has four preset home page templates and built-in online contact forms, Woocommerce store compatibility, and premade modules for services, clients, testimonials, galleries, and blog layouts.


PartyMaker’s Event Planner & Wedding Agency Theme is fun and interactive, easy to customize and perfect for any event. It features premade pages for products, services, galleries, blogs, contacts, Woocommerce store compatibility, and over twenty post animations.

PartyMaker’s theme has a full range of color and typographic options, is mobile and browser friendly, and has over 750 customizable options. The theme is sleek, easy to use, and adds class to any website. Not only is it simple to set up, but it also makes a pretty website.


Tediss’ Play Area and Child Care Center theme is another top theme option for birthday websites, especially for younger kids! With bright colors and a fun space theme, this one is perfect for selling the party atmosphere.

Its top features include Elementor page builder, a GDPR framework, premade blog, news layouts, and social media sharing. These are all useful tools if you want to make a website for a birthday.


Lastly, Playroom’s Kids theme is a dynamic pastel wonderland when it comes to website designs. This theme is the perfect option for a softer-looking website. If you want something cute, this is your theme.

This theme has over 900 font options, multiple grid options, dozens of preset layouts, and Elementor compatibility, as well as fully customizable widgets.

Personally, PartyMaker’s theme is my favorite, with its sleek design and animated headers. Payrooms’s theme is also a superb choice for anyone, but it’s especially perfect if your birthday kid is younger.

Need help installing a theme on your WordPress web page? We’ve got you covered:

These Plugins Will Give Function to Your Birthday Website

When learning how to create a birthday website, you’ll probably need plugins. Plugins are browser tools you can download to help make additional changes to the abilities of your website. Here are my top picks for plugins that will really improve the functionality of your site:


You can use SeedProd’s plugin to hide your website before it’s ready while still letting you edit it. You can make a custom 404 error page with this plugin, coming soon page, or closed for maintenance page. It is the perfect plugin for hiding your website until the big day with your reveal.


‘But how will my guests RSVP if the site is closed,’ you ask? With WPForms’ plugin, of course. WPForms’ plugin helps create a contact form that you can attach to your page without spoiling the big reveal. It is easy to use and comes with its own helpful tutorial.


Though some themes come with built-in slideshow-type widgets, not all of them do; and the ones that have widgets might not necessarily be quite what you are looking for. Nextend’s plugin is a simple, multi-functional slider that you can use on any WordPress page. It’s a great tool to add a little extra to photo galleries or headers on your birthday webpages.

Finally, another useful plugin for creating your child’s perfect birthday website is Popup Maker’s. This plugin allows you to create unique and helpful popups on your page itself. You can use these popups to prompt RSVPs, gather well-wishing messages, or even block entry to the site unless you have a secret code.

There are many WordPress plugins to be found, many of them useful for birthdays. Depending on your choice of theme and experience level, these plugins can be a life-saver, allowing you to make a complex and versatile website with none of the hassles of coding.

If you need help installing the plugins, you’re not alone. We’ve got you covered here!

Pages You Need For Your Happy Birthday Website

The first page you should include in your website is, of course, the main page or home page. This page is the one that lets everybody know what it’s all about. You want it to be festive and inviting. Show off the birthday kid, add some photos, and lead viewers to the other facets of your site.

From here, you will want to add some fun activities. Try adding a games page with links to or embedded online games. You can also provide rules and objectives of games you will play on the day. This page can also function a bit like an itinerary if you want to outline a whole event.

Another important page to include is a ‘look back’ page, something that can really highlight the achievements and growth of the last year. This is a great place to gloat about how awesome your kid is and all of the little things you love them for. Try adding photos, videos, links to news articles, even some quotes from the birthday kid themselves about how they felt in the moment.

No birthday website would be complete without a gallery. Go on, show off those baby photos. You know you want to.

Some other pages you might find useful could include an invite/RSVP page with party information, a directions page—complete with an interactive map, a gift wish list page, and a well-wishes page where people can add comments and birthday wishes leading up to the event.

The Structure of a One-Page Birthday or Online Invitation Site

Multi-page articles are great and all, but maybe you just don’t need quite so much space. If you do not have enough content to fill out multiple pages of web space or simply prefer the design of a one-page site, then that is fine. It just means that you will have to change the structure to accommodate it.

When structuring a one-page birthday website, there are many routes you could take. For example, you could go with something along the lines of the following:

Happy Birthday Message

Start with a happy birthday message. This first bit can act a bit like a greeting card. Throw in the birthday kid’s name, a big ‘Happy Birthday,’ and a special message. Make it personal, and don’t be afraid to get a little sappy.

Video Message

Second, try adding a little video message, something that sells the mood. A great idea would be to show a video of friends and family giving well-wishes or a birthday kid’s compilation throughout the years.

It can be a couple of seconds or a mini-movie, but a video helps to show just how special a birthday you want to give your child. It is not just a one-and-done event but something they can rewatch for years to come.

After the initial message and video, why not add a photo gallery? Everyone loves to see how they have grown and changed through the years, and a photo gallery is a perfect way to showcase that. It is like a digital scrapbook.

When creating a photo gallery, a smart idea is to stick to a theme so you don’t go overboard with photos. Why not make a slideshow of last year’s birthday? Or highlights from every previous birthday? How about spotlights from the year? Did your child participate in some big event? Show off their achievements!


Next, you can put together an itinerary of the day’s events. Got a party planned for later? A museum trip after lunch? Or do you want to make sure that you designate a special time to watch their favorite movie? The promise of more is sure to excite!

Personal Touch

To finish off the website, try adding something personal. Maybe you know of some links to your child’s favorite videos, some fun game sites you found. Perhaps you want to add another message to finish it off. If you have an extra special surprise, this would be a good place to add a hint about it.

Additionally, if you need a place for contact information and RSVPs, it’s a good idea to put it at the bottom or in a popup bubble that comes up when the page is opened. This structural design helps the webpage look clean and clever while keeping it well-sorted and easy to navigate.

What To Do With the Site after Birthday Is Over

This is one of the best parts of building a birthday website. After you have celebrated your child’s birthday, you can treat the site like an additional present. They can add to it, remodel it, or reuse it for future birthdays.

Or, maybe you want to keep it as is, like a legacy present. After all, once the birthday is over, keeping the website or adding to it is a wonderful way to memorialize such an event. Better still, you can turn it into a project between you and your child, something you can work on together over time.

Learning how to design websites is a highly valued skill to have. Why not teach your child how to build and manage a site themselves? Turn it into a hobby. Who knows, maybe you will be getting a birthday website next year.

And if all else fails, and you can’t think of a single thing to do with the website, it was still a memorable and informative learning experience. Who knows! You may come back to it one day.

How to Build an Online Invitation and Birthday Website – Final Thoughts

Learning how to create a birthday website can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle or challenge. With the right tools, themes, and plugins, building a website is pretty easy and streamlined so that everyone can make the content they want in the way they want to.

It is a simple thing to make a birthday wishes website. All it takes is the right tools and the patience to learn. You can make a birthday website that doubles as an online invitation system with ease.

Your child will love having their birthday immortalized like an online scrapbook. It is a pretty cool and unique gift to give someone a customized website for their birthday. Even cooler still, you can use the website to celebrate your child’s birthday and send out invites to a party all in one!

The only thing left to do now is to make the website. Oh, and learn how to promote it. If you put in all the effort and care to make such a fabulous website, you should want it to be seen.

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