2. How To Customize Your Website Around Your Niche

Customize your website

Step two is all about personalizing your website, and making it specific to your niche. as well as making your site niche specific, I’ve given tips to making your website stand out from the crowd. It’s not good making something that’s just going to be the same or worse the everything else out there. Instead, I follow the tips I give you and make your site one of the best in the topic you choose to go into!

Here are the niches I have covered so far.

  1. Cryptocurrency: Build a cryptocurrency website with WordPress.
  2. Fitness: How to create a site in the fitness niche.
  3. Music: Creating a music website on WordPress.
  4. Plumbing: How to make a plumbing website.
  5. Real Estate: Create a real estate website for beginners.
  6. Recipe: Building a recipe website.
  7. Photography: Create a website for your photography business.
  8. Author: Make a great author website.
  9. Lifestyle: How to build a lifestyle blog that’s both unique & successful.
  10. Church: How to create a church website for your place of worship.
  11. Education: How to start an online education website easily like the pros.
  12. Youtube: Create a blog for your youtube channel, how to do it.
  13. Library: The best way to build a library website with no tech skills.
  14. College: Easily create a college website with these step by step instructions.
  15. Artist: Best way to make an artist website for beginners.
  16. Hotel: How to build a hotel website that’ll attract guests.
  17. Jewelry: 4 steps to making a successful jewelry business website.

More are always being added, so keep checking back for more. And feel free to contact me with a suggestion of which niche you want covered next. Furthermore, leave a comment below and let me know. But please keep it family friendly. 🙂