How To Make A Cake Website 2024 [Start a Cake Making or Decorating Business]

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Whether you’re just starting with your cake-making business or you’ve decided to make the jump to bring your business online, designing your website can feel intimidating. Luckily blogging platforms like WordPress make creating your website simple.

Continue reading for tips on how to make a cake website using WordPress:

How To Make Your Cake Website In 11 Minutes Step By Step

We can get your site up ready to add your cakes in around 11 minutes. It’s very easy, so let’s cook it up:

  1. Go to Justhost as we need a place to host your website.
  2. You’ll see a special offer; click ‘Get Started Now’.
  3. Select the ‘Basic’ plan; unless you want to create multiple sites.
  4. Here the fun starts; pick your website name, e.g. then select ‘Next’.
  5. Fill in your information. When you sign up for at least 12 months you get a big discount, but if you sign for 36 months you save the most. Once filled in, click the Submit button.
  6. Once you’ve joined & are logged into Justhost, click ‘Install WordPress’.
  7. Follow the step-by-step instructions that come up, but don’t choose to install the recommended themes or plugins.
  8. Lastly, let’s enable privacy for your website. Via JustHost go to: Domains > Manage > Security > select ‘Domain Privacy’.

There you have it; a new website for your cakes, and it only took you a few minutes.

If you haven’t yet, follow the above instructions step by step. Once your cake site is set-up we can start adding some tasty features. 🙂

4 Beautiful WordPress Themes for Cake Websites

The first step for creating your blog is to decide what you want your website to look like. With hundreds of themes to choose from, you have plenty of options. These are our top four WordPress themes for cake websites:

Cake Bakery

The Cake Bakery theme has many outstanding features for those just starting with their online business. Not only does it have multiple layout options for you to choose from, but it also comes with free WordPress-compatible plugins to help you run your online business.

Some key features include:

  • The page builder, which makes it easy for you to customize your site’s layout
  • A cost calculator, so your customers can see their order’s subtotal as they are shopping
  • SEO optimizer, so you can reach more people
  • An eCommerce plugin, so your customers can purchase your cakes


The Dolcino theme is another excellent choice for your web design needs. With multiple homepage and inner page designs to choose from, they make it easy to customize your webpage to suit your business and style.

Some key features include:

  • Drag & Drop page building to make setting up simple
  • Multiple design options for your homepage and portfolio pages
  • Pre-made shortcodes to help you add features to your website
  • Support from the creators, just in case you need help installing and customizing your theme

Sweet Tooth

The Sweet Tooth theme provides a beautiful layout that will give your cake-making website a professional feel. The page layouts are designed to be easily customizable to cater the design to your business and style preferences.

Some key features include:

  • Multiple layout options
  • Built-in widgets to help you run your business
  • Share buttons to link to all your social media accounts
  • SEO optimizable so you can reach new customers

Sweet Jane

With tons of designs to choose from, Sweet Jane is another stunning theme that can help you make dynamic pages for your website.

Some key features include:

  • Fast import, so designing your website is quick and painless
  • Built-in shortcodes to add unique features to your pages
  • Multiple professional portfolio styles to showcase your work

Not sure how to install your theme? Watch this video!

WordPress Plugins to Add Function to Your Cake Website

Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’s time to look at plugins and add ons for your website. The right plugins can take your website from the realm of Personal Blogs and into the world of Small Businesses. Here are some of our favorite WordPress Plugins:

A great website for a cake decorator should have an image gallery for showcasing designs. It’s a great way to get potential customers interested in your services. Having images of your work can display your abilities, making you a trusted source for information, tutorials, or purchasing cakes for an important event.

Portfolio Plugin

Much like an image gallery, the portfolio plugin will allow you to showcase your work on your website. Portfolio plugins can elevate your website, making it look more professional and appealing to new customers.

eCommerce Plug-ins

If you’re selling a product, you will need a way for customers to pay you. An eCommerce plugin makes payment easy for both you and your customers, so you can focus on running your business.

SEO Optimizer

Most people aren’t experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a tool that can help you ensure that your content is optimized will ensure that your business is in one of the top spots when people search for cake-making websites.

Not sure how to install plugins? Watch this video!

Next on the to-do list is deciding on the pages that you want to include on your website. The pages you have on your website largely depend on the web page you are running and what you are looking to get out of your website. A blog to skill sharing website will need pages catered toward teaching, while cake selling websites will need pages optimized for shopping.

Product Pages

If you’re interested in selling cakes, product pages are a great way to keep your online business organized. If you have multiple products, services, or packages to offer to your clients, you can have a dedicated space for each one.

Product pages can include information on the product or service, images, price breakdowns, how to order and much more. This allows your customers to research the services you provide and fully understand what they can expect from the ordering process. It also saves a lot of back and forth communication if they can find all of the information they need on the product page.

Here’s an example of a great product page from Lola’s Cupcakes.

How-to Page

If you’re looking to use your website as a teaching tool, how-to pages scan, keep your tutorials organized, and make it easier for visitors to navigate your website to find the recipe they are looking for.

Tutorial-style blog posts can be a great way to add some of your personality to your page. Having informative content that is engaging and fun to read will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Allergy Info Page

Food allergies should be taken seriously, and many potential customers will appreciate having allergy information readily available on your website.

This page can include lists of potential allergens, information about options that are free from specific allergens (i.e. nut, dairy, gluten, etc.), and how to go about requesting a cake without particular allergens.

You can also have a code system for allergens (like the no peanut symbol featured on many packaged products) and label all of your allergen-free products with the appropriate symbols. If you use an allergen-free symbol system, you can include a legend of each character and their meaning on this page,

FAQ Page

Having a dedicated page for common questions can eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication between yourself and your customers. Having pertinent information readily available to them can help customers gauge their expectations when ordering from you.

Include topics like how to order, wait times, pricing breakdowns, and anything else you feel may be beneficial for your customers to know before they order.

About Page

You can use an about page as an opportunity to give customers a look into your company and the person behind it. You can include information like how long you’ve been baking and when or why you decided to open your cake-making business. Consumers gravitate towards companies that have a face. Let them get a glimpse into who is behind the cakes they are ordering.

Other Yummy Cake Sites for Inspiration

Now that you have the resources to build your website, you are ready to start creating your page. If you’re still unsure of how you want your website to look, you can always look at other cake makers’ websites for inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite cake making websites:

Sugar Geek Show

The Sugar Geek Show website is set up to be easy to navigate and find the recipe or tutorial that you are looking for. The use of product pictures gives you a clear expectation of what kind of tutorial you will get when you choose one of their tutorials. The site is oozing with personality, which makes reading through the blog posts and tutorials enjoyable.


The Ovenly website layout is simple and easy to follow. The first segments of the homepage are prompts for customers to place orders, information on shipping and delivery followed by informative blog posts and images from their Instagram.

By placing the most pertinent information at the top of the page, they drive customers to order as soon as they click on their site, rather than having them discover that they can place an order after looking through different pages.

The Cake Decorating Company

The Cake Decorating Company’s website has a similar design to many mainstream online shopping companies’ websites. This design makes the website’s purpose clear to the visitor and makes browsing through their products and services simple. There is also a great menu filter for the products you need and a link to their blog.

Lola’s Cupcakes

The Lola’s Cupcakes website makes it easy for you to find exactly what product or information you are looking for. Their homepage has their products separated into sections so you can choose what interested you immediately.

The colorful images grab your attention and give a clear vision of what to expect when you order. The search function also helps you find exactly what you need without wading through every page.

Other Consideration When Making a Cake Site in the Cake Industry

Now that you’ve got the basic web design figured out, it’s time to do some fine-tuning before you begin posting. Here are some factors to keep in mind while you’re designing your website.

Streamline the Ordering Process

If you are selling cakes through your website, you will need to have an ordering process set up for your customers to use. The goal for all online ordering systems is to be user-friendly, and a cake business is no different.

Your customers will be looking for an easy way to communicate precisely what they want their cakes to look like. This may look like a drop-down menu, checklist of options, or merely a comment box where your customers can write out their special instructions for you.

If you’re not sure what method will work best for your business, go on to another cake maker’s site and start to make an order—this is just a test; you don’t have to purchase anything. What do you like about their ordering system? Is there anything you would change? Finding your ordering preferences is a great starting point for creating your strategy.

You should also consider what system will be most straightforward for you to use as a seller. What ordering features will make it most straightforward for you to understand what your customer is looking for? If you look at the ordering process from the perspective of both a consumer and producer, it will help you create a better platform for your customers and lead to greater satisfaction levels overall.

Clear Instructions

If you’re sharing recipes or tutorials, make sure you’re creating clear instructions for your readers to follow. Not everyone has years of baking experience or advanced baking abilities—make sure you’re writing at a level that anyone can understand.

When people are looking for recipes online, they don’t have to look up how to do every step. Include visual elements if you feel like readers will benefit from seeing what each step looks like. Embedding video tutorials or adding pictures can be helpful teaching tools and will ensure that your readers will stay on your page.

Give the Visitor What They Want

This may seem tricky on the surface—after all, how are you supposed to gauge each person’s expectations—but it is pretty simple. When you’re designing your website and any time you are writing posts for your site, make sure you are clarifying what services you are offering. This will make it easy for your prospective customers to find your business.

If you are selling cakes through your website, you can include pages for ordering, portfolio pictures, pricing and ordering information, etc. When you make posts, include keywords related to cake ordering, cake selling, or cake-making services. This will make sure your website shows up when customers are searching for places to buy cakes.

If you’re using your website for recipes and tutorials, make sure to include pages for recipes, decorating tutorials, and other how-to topics. In your posts, be sure to use buzzwords like “easy cake recipe,” “simple cake decorating tutorial,” or “best cake recipe.”

These are the types of phrases people type into search engines to find recipes, so including them in your recipes will ensure that your website is among the top options for potential visitors.

These are fundamental things that will help you create a strong voice for your brand, as well as help you get more hits on your website.

Creating a Cake Website, Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a cake website, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. How do you make your products and services stand out amongst the rest of your competitors? How do you make sure your website is being seen by potential customers?

Once you’ve made your website, you will have to begin promoting your business to get customers. Social media is an incredible tool, and sharing your new website on your social media platforms can help you spread the word of your new business much faster than word of mouth.

However you choose to promote your new business, we wish you the best of luck.

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