How To Market Your Cryptocurrency Website For Increased Investors

How To Market Your Cryptocurrency Website For Increased Investors If your cryptocurrency website is good to go, it’s time to get the word out into the world.

You can’t just set up a website and expect people to find it. You will need to spend some time marketing it, and there are some specific things you’ll want to do as a coin maker.

In this guide, you’ll discover several ways you can boost traffic to your website and increase investors for your coin. Let’s get into it.

Get Your Coin On Exchanges

Getting your crypto coin on exchange Every coin maker should prioritize getting their coin on exchange. Why? Because when individuals, businesses and investors see a new currency pop up on exchange, they will be led back to your website where they can learn more about it. Then, they will decide whether it’s a coin they should pay attention to.

Sites like are a popular destination for buyers, investors, and enthusiasts alike, as they can see exactly how a coin is performing. I’ll talk more about CoinMarketCap later, but it’s important to know that you must get your digital currency on exchange before you can get it ranked on their website.

It’s good to be aware that there are essentially three types of exchanges you can get your coin on:

  1. Trading platforms. Websites designed to connect buyers and sellers. They take a fee from every transaction.
  2. Direct trading platforms. Websites where individuals from all over the world can exchange currency. Each seller can set their own exchange rate. There is no fixed market rate.
  3. Broker websites. Websites where anyone can buy cryptocurrencies. The price is set by the broker. Brokers work much like foreign exchange dealers do.

Before joining an exchange, you should always consider their reputation, exchange rate, payment methods, and other factors. Notwithstanding, some of the best and most popular exchanges include: Coinsquare, Coinbase, Kraken, ShapeShift, Poloniex, CoinMama, BitStamp, and Bitsquare, among others.

To get your coin on exchange, go to the sites you want to get on, and follow their specific process.

Promote Your Cryptocurrency Website On Reddit And Relevant Forums

Growing your website's presence on Reddit and forums Reddit users tend to be on the cutting edge of technology and what’s going on, especially on the internet. This makes them perfect candidates to help spread the word about your cryptocurrency.

Whether you’re planning to start a new discussion or share your blog content on Reddit, be prepared to participate in conversations and answer questions. Reddit users are one of the least forgiving of any on the internet, so if you don’t want your reputation harmed, you need to keep an eye on what’s being said in discussions.

Additionally, you can share about your coin on relevant forums. Most forums allow you to create a signature with links back to your website, so this is what you should do. Instead of being overly self-promotional, try participating in discussions and answering questions.

Here are three forums worth a look:

  • is a hugely popular forum where topics like coins, exchanges, mining, wallets, spending, and portfolios are discussed with enthusiasm. A great place to be and promote your coin online.
  • Altcoin Discussion: Altcoin Discussion may not be as pretty-looking as, but rest assured it is just as popular. You’ll find users discussing everything from the blockchain to whether certain coins are a good investment.
  • CRYPTOCURRENCYTALK.COM: Yet another popular forum in the cryptocurrency realm, you’ll find discussions on a variety of topics, news, and even giveaways. Another good forum to keep an eye on.

Note: Be patient with your marketing efforts. You may see an influx of traffic from posting to forums, but the visitors may not turn into converts of your digital currency right away. Give it time. You need to establish yourself in the industry and demonstrate that you’re trustworthy.

List Your Coin On

Getting your coin on Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations or Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations is a website where investors can see, at a glance, how various coins are performing in the market. So, if your coin is listed on, it’s likely you will capture the attention of potential buyers and investors.

So, how can you get your coin ranked among all the other popular cryptocurrencies? Simply follow these five steps.

Step #1 – Ensure Your Coin Is Cryptocurrency Or A Crypto Token

All this means is your coin cannot fall under another category. If it’s a cryptocurrency or a crypto token, it is eligible to be listed on

Step #2 – Your Coin Must Be On A Public Exchange

It must also have an API that reports the last traded price and 24-hour trading volume.

Step #3 – Your Coin Must Not Have A Non-Zero Trading Volume

So long as your coin does not have a non-zero trading volume on a supported exchange, and the price can be determined, your coin will be eligible for listing.

Step #4 – You Need An Accurate Circulating Supply Figure

This is required for market cap ranking.

Step #5 – Fill Out The Request Form

If your coin meets all the above criteria, fill out the CoinMarketCap request form to get your coin on their site.

YouTube Promo Videos For Cryptocurrency Are Hot!

YouTube promo videos for digital currency websites Video is all the rage in a variety of industries and is particularly hot for cryptocurrencies. If you want to attract potential investors and users for your crypto coin, you’ll want to build your presence on YouTube.

The question is, what type of content should you create for your channel?

First, it’s a good idea to have an explainer video. Though you may be knowledgeable with regards to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, from most people’s perspective, it’s a very technical subject and one that’s not easy to understand.

You should create at least one two- to three-minute video – and maybe a series of videos – explaining what your coin does in simple terms. Make people aware of why your coin exists, and why you’re passionate about it.

Second, you should create a video with real world examples. You might demonstrate what you can do with your currency, or how people can spend it and benefit from it. This will increase their motivation to learn more about it.

Finally, it would be a good idea to create a video exploring possible applications in the future. How will your coin be used? Who will invest in it? What advantages does your currency have? Share where you see things going, and why viewers should keep an eye on your coin.

There are many other types of videos you can create to promote your cryptocurrency. You may even consider creating content on an ongoing basis to continually attract new buyers and investors.

How To Promote Your Cryptocurrency Website Conclusion

There are many other ways to promote your cryptocurrency website, including social media, email, advertising, and much more.

But first, it’s important to get your coin in front of the right people, and if you follow the above steps, you should be able to do just that – get your coin on exchange, promote it on Reddit and popular forums, list it on CoinMarketCap, and create YouTube promo videos. This should help you get the ball rolling, and once you’ve taken these steps, you can begin exploring other marketing channels.

Don’t forget – marketing is generally not a one-and-done activity. You will likely need to promote your coin on an ongoing basis, so build a strategy that’s easy to follow and execute.

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