Hybrid Connect Review, Is This The Best Lightbox Plugin For WordPress?

Hybrid Connect Review And Features This is a review of Hybrid Connect (Now updated and called Thrive Leads, a lightbox plugin for WordPress. In it I look at what Hybrid Connect is all about, whether or not it’s worth using, what’s good about it, and what’s not so good. By the end you should have a good idea about whether or not this plugin is right for your website, and what you’ll be able to achieve by using it.

By the way, Hybrid Connect is the lightbox plugin I use on this very site. This is how it looks at the time of writing this review:

Hybrid Connect Plugin Review And Discount

I also use it on all my other sites where I’m actively building a mailing list, as it’s easily one of the things that gets me the most subscribers to join my newsletter.

The Short Review

If you want a quick overview of whether or not this plugin is worth buying, here’s the answer:

It’s worth every cent they ask for it and more!

Hybrid Connect is by far the best lightbox / popup plugin on the market. Not only can it do more than all it’s ‘competitors’ (they can’t really be called that as there’s no plugin that’s close to competing in terms of features), but it’s also sold and a much cheaper price point than the average.

If you want to grow your list a lot faster and do it without annoying your customers, HC is definitely the plugin you need for your WordPress website.

Ok that’s the short review out of the way, let’s get into the details. 🙂

What Exactly Does Hybrid Connect Do

In the unlikely chance you don’t know what this WordPress plugin does yet, let me give you a quick overview.

The main feature of Hybrid Connect is the ability to show a lightbox to your website’s visitors. Note: A lightbox is also commonly referred to as a popup box.

In this lightbox you can add a opt in form to collect email addresses for your mailing list.

But why would you need a lightbox on your site? Simple, because it helps you build up your email list a lost quicker than you would be able to otherwise!

By setting a lightbox to appear on visitor’s screens say 10 seconds after they visit your site, you’re making sure the option to subscribe to your newsletter is seen. While you’ll get people seeing this offer if you also put it in your sidebar, a lot of visitors will often overlook this. If you make sure they can’t help but see it however, you’re almost guaranteed to increase your sign up rate, as long as you include a offer that’s relevant and attractive to your target audience.

If you’re trying to build up your list but don’t get have a lightbox plugin installed, Hybrid Connect (now called Thrive Leads) is what you need. And that’s quite simply it.

Hybrid Connect Review, The Good

Ok, so you know many of the features of Hybrid Connect already (if you don’t, be sure to check out the main website). What I want to do now though, is look at the best features of this plugin. The ones that make it stand out from all those other popup plugins for WordPress out there in the years 2013 and 2014. Here they are:

  • Best Split Testing Lightbox Plugin For WordPress The ability to split test multiple lightbox designs at the same time. In comparison, most lightboxes don’t let you split test at all. I’ve only seen one other which allows you to split test, and that was only against one other variation of the popup. Furthermore, it was overpriced (not to mention very buggy), especially if you wanted to use it on more than one site.
    Hybrid Connect allows you to split test up to 5 variations of your lightbox at one time, letting you see which one gets you the most subscribers. As soon as I started doing this, I raised the amount of subscribers I get by 400%. An absolutely essential feature to have!
  • The ability for people to subscribe to your list using their Facebook account. This is the only popup plugin I’ve seen which allows this, and is a feature I’m sure that’ll come in handy if you’re in a social niche or have a strong Facebook following.
  • A high level of control for the way your lightbox looks. While most lightbox plugins for WordPress either gives you a few predesigned templates or allows you to design your own with limited options, Hybrid connect takes things to the next level. Not only does it give you a load a great looking predesigned templates, but it also gives you a super powerful editor which allows you control over every aspect of your lightbox’s look and feel! I’ve used this editor to create some great looking email opt in forms, and you can too.

Hybrid Connect, The (Not That) Bad

So while this is easily the best lightbox plugin in the market, it won’t be for everyone. While it’s worth putting the time in to learn it, there’s something some people should be aware of:

  • While the ability to edit your lightbox in great detail is a much welcome feature, this side of things can be a bit confusing to use when you first get started. Setting up a pre-designed template is super easy to do, so if you’re not very tech savvy and have a limited amount of time to get started with your lightbox plugin for WordPress, will will be the option for you. If however you want to create a new design from scratch, it can be a bit confusing as to which feature does what at first. As you use the software more though, it’s possible to figure it all out through trial and error. But don’t expect to pick it up and design an award winning lightbox in the first 10 minutes. Give it at least 20. 🙂

Conclusion – The Best Lightbox Plugin For WordPress 2013

So, is Hybrid Connect worth buying? I can honestly tell you that it 100% is! No other lightbox comes close in terms of useful features and best final outcome. It’s because of this that I whole heart-idly recommend this plugin.

You can pick up your copy of Hybrid Connect via the link at the top of this page. If you get it, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it. 🙂

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