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About You:

You are a blogger, a digital marketer, or an online entrepreneur.

You’re based in or around London.

You either have an established blog or online business which you want to grow, or you want to create one from scratch but don’t know how.

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About London Bloggers Unite:

We are a London based community of bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Started by myself Shaun Letang (aka Teach Mate Shaun), I created London Bloggers Unite to scratch my own need.

I love this blogging thing, but it’s hard to find others who share this passion… so I decided to form my own group!

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How We Can Help You:

As well as being part of a community of people just like you, London Bloggers Unite can help you with:

  • Getting access to experienced and knowledgeable business people. I’ve personally grown my own websites to thousands of visitors a day, and been working for myself since 2012.
  • One on one advice. Want to meet online or in person for personalised advice on growing or starting your business? Book a session.
  • Events. We’ll be running events in London allowing you to meet and network with other bloggers and digital markers. This will be a community like no other.

Coming Soon:

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