Marketing Tips For Music Website Owners, Drive Traffic To Your Site

Marketing Tips For Music Website Owners, Drive Traffic To Your Site

With your music website already made, it’s time to start driving traffic to it.

If you have no traffic coming to your site, no one will know about your business. But it’s also possible to have a lot of low-quality traffic coming to your site, which leads to poor conversion.

So, use the following tips to attract qualified traffic to your site.

Advertise Your Business Using Facebook Ads

Advertise your music website on Facebook

Facebook is quite possibly one of the most powerful ad platforms on the internet today.

You can reach just about anyone, of any demographic. You can set your own budget. You can target exactly the kind of person you think would be interested in your business.

While there are many types of ad campaigns you can run, one of the simplest ways to expand your reach is by boosting a post, preferably one that’s already gotten a bit of traction on your page.

Let’s say, for instance, you uploaded an introductory video telling people what your business is about. By boosting this post and getting your video out to more people like the ones who already liked your page (i.e. with a “lookalike” audience), you could drive up video views and likes to your page.

You could also run an engagement campaign and set your primary goal to page likes. Again, a simple and friendly introductory video is a good way to boost your followers and gain more likes, since most people will not have heard about you yet.

Since Facebook recently changed how their newsfeed works, advertising is now one of the main ways your content will reach Facebook users. If you’re planning to grow your following on Facebook, advertising is essential.

Get On YouTube And Spread The Word

Music website marketing on YouTube

Video is one of the best types of content for promoting your business today.

If you’ve created a service or product appealing to musicians, then you should be aware that a good portion of your target demographic is already on YouTube.

But even if you’re selling MP3s or a related product, YouTube is a great place to be, because many people use YouTube as a discovery platform.

Here are a few types of content you can create for your YouTube channel that will help you spread the world about your business:

  • Vlogs. People love to get a sense of who they’re buying from. Get personal and show the world who you are.
  • Demonstration videos. Perfect for instrument manufacturers, SaaS (Software as a Service) apps, music accessory stores, and the like.
  • Explainer videos. An explainer video can be helpful when you’re offering a new or disruptive service people aren’t going to understand without visuals showing how it works.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos. If someone walked into your front door and observed you for the day, what would they see? A behind-the-scenes look into your business can be compelling content and can build trust with customers.

Guest Posting Can Be A Great Way To Promote Your Music Website

Guest posting for music websites

Contributing valuable content to other popular music websites can be a good way to promote your business.

Whenever pitching to guest post, do some groundwork. Learn about the site you’re pitching to, and what types of articles they’re accepting. If they have submission guidelines or style guides, read them. Then, begin developing your content.

Here are three popular blogs you may consider guest posting for:

  • Music Think Tank: Music Think Tank is a popular music industry blog where tips, advice, ideas, opinions, and best practices are shared by various experts. Getting published on this site can increase your online visibility significantly.
  • is a popular entertainment site covering music, films, and games. If you’re passionate about music and love to share your ideas and thoughts on your favorite musicians and releases, you should consider writing for them.
  • accepts content on a variety of topics (music reviews, app reviews, songwriting techniques, licensing tips, and more) so it could prove valuable for just about any music website owner looking to grow their online presence.

Make sure a link to your website will be included in your author byline or somewhere in the body of your article. Backlinks will drive traffic to your site and boost your SEO.

Make An App To Showcase Your Music Website

Making a music website app

With smart device usage on the rise, you can’t afford not to show up where people are already looking.

Making an app is a great way to promote your business on smartphones and tablets.

You can use your app to share your content and news updates with your audience, demonstrate the value of your service, or even allow people to login and use your service online.

There are a couple of ways you can go about making an app.

First, you can make it yourself using a tool like AppGyver or Saelsforce Lightning. Some platforms are easy to use and will allow you to create a simple app. But if you have no prior experience developing apps, this probably isn’t the best way to go about it.

Second, you can outsource the development of your app. You’ll still need to determine what your goals are, sketch and wireframe the app, and provide detailed instructions on what you’re looking to accomplish with your app. But from there, you can hand off the development to a third-party. Hiring can be done through a freelancer site such as Upwork.

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to be involved in the development process. Otherwise, you may end up wasting resources you never intended to.

SEO For Music Websites, An Important Skill To Learn

Many music website owners will tell you that organic traffic is one of their primary sources of traffic. “Organic” typically refers to search engine traffic but can also mean “free” traffic coming from social media sites.

So, SEO (search engine optimization) will prove essential for growing your business.

How do you optimize your site for search? Here are some suggestions:

  • Create great content for your audience. What questions or challenges do they have? What are they searching for online? Are they looking for ways to ease their pain points? Develop content around topics your audience is likely to be interested in on a regular basis, and you will begin to see traffic to your site grow.
  • Optimize for mobile. Ensure your site works well and looks good on smartphones and tablets. Most WordPress themes are responsive, meaning they will adapt to the screen size, but it’s always good to double check.
  • Reduce load times. Web surfers today are impatient, so keep the load times on your site low. Host images and large media files offsite and get quality hosting.

Marketing Tips For Music Website Owners Conclusion

In summary, try advertising your business on Facebook. Create regular content for your YouTube channel. Guest post on popular blogs to drive traffic to your site and boost your SEO. Make a mobile app to promote your business, or even give your users a way to use your service from their smart devices. Learn to search engine optimize your site, so you can drive more organic traffic to it.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to get the word out about your site and attract more customers to your business.

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