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Thrive Content Builder Review

Hey guys, I've something very exciting for you today: A review of the new 'Thrive Content Builder' plugin by Shane Melaugh! And not only am I giving it a review, but I've also made this page start to finish using this plugin. That way not only can you hear my thoughts on it, but you can also see the kind of results it can produce.

What Is The Thrive Content Builder? And What Is It Used For?

The Thrive Content Builder is both quick and easy to use. It's ideal for creating sales pages with no technical knowledge, something that would be a real pain before. Highly recommended!

Teach Mate Shaun
Owner of Teach Mate.

The Thrive plugin for WordPress is a drag and drop alternative to WordPress's default content builder. Instead of writing in the default content box as normal, instead you select the Thrive editor, and add any text and elements that you want.

While the default WordPress editor is fine for regular blog posts, if you need to create sales pages or add elements such as coloms, testimonial boxes and buy now buttons, the Thrive Builder is a much better tool for the job.

It allows you to easily add the above mentioned elements, as well as styled bullet points, styles content boxes, page dividers, tabs, Google Maps boxes, guarantee boxes and more. I'll show you some of these elements below.

Examples Of The Thrive Builder In Action:

As I mentioned, this whole review was made using the Thrive Content Builder. Below are some of the elements I created with it:

Call To Action Box!

This is one of a few styles you can add.

Another thing the Thrive theme can easily do is produce bullet points like the one below. Again, these are ideal for sales pages:

  • Option one here.
  • Option two here.
  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Next up we have content boxes, which are great for highlighting some text or just separating the page up a bit.

For Example...

This is a content box you can add with a header. I added this by dragging and dropping it.

There's also this one without the headline. I prefer the headline version, but both will have their uses.

Now let's say you had a product you wanted to sell on the page. You could easily drag and drop a 'Add To cart' button on the page, again by drag and dropping. Here's one I done in two seconds:

You can make it bigger and smaller, and also change colors as you see fit. For example:

Something else you can add is coloms. This is ideal if you want to create a portfolio page, or if you want to display different pricing options for your sales page:

Here's the 1st colom.

Here's the 2nd colom.

Here's the 3rd colom.

What Could Be Improved

So while the Thrive plugin is already very useful, there are a few features which would be added to improve the plugin. Please note though, that I'm writing this when the plugin has first been released. I know Shane and Paul will be adding a lot of new features fast, so the following may already be added by the time you read this. 🙂

First of all, I'd like to see a spell check in this plugin. I haven't been able to find one yet, but I may just have missed it.

Secondly, a 'undo' feature would be nice in case any mistakes as made. The default WordPress editor doesn't have this either (it only have the auto saves which you can revert to, which isn't very straight forward to use), so if this can be added to Thrive Content Builder this will be a very handy feature.

That said though, overall this is a top plugin.

The Thrive Content Builder Plugin Review Conclusion

So there you have it, a look at the Thrive Content Builder plugin for WordPress. I hope you've found it useful, and I look forward to seeing what you produce with it. 🙂

A review of the new Thrive Content Builder plugin. This plugin is a new drag and drop editor for WordPress. But is it worth buying or not? Find out here! Honest review with pros and cons.

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