Ways To Get The First 1000+ People To Your Fitness Site

How to bring traffic to your fitness siteWhile fitness is considered by many as a competitive niche, there’s still room to be a success in this space. If you offer something new, work hard, and remain active with trying to bring in that traffic, you can build a successful site.

Below I’ve listed some of the things you can do to get the first 1000 or more people to your website. Be sure to use them all to really get the ball rolling!

Guest Post On Other Fitness Websites (With 5 Example Sites)

The fitness niche is one of those ones where you’d do better to create partnerships then you would going it alone. That’s not to say that you can’t get traffic to your website by yourself, but by appearing on other people’s blogs and websites you have a higher chance of reaching a larger audience faster.

This is what guest posting is all about. You write a guide, and instead of posting it on your site, you post it on another fitness related site which has your target audience there already. What will then happen is you’ll get in front of new people, and have them also become a fan of your website. Just don’t forget to leave a link back to your site as well so people can click on it and go on to sign up to your mailing list.

Here are a list of 5 fitness related sites which accept guest posts.

  1. Greatist is a site which talks about fitness, health, and general happiness. You’ll need to write a good post to be featured on there, but it’ll be well worth it as their audience is huge.
  2. Fitness Is A Feminist Issue is a website which publishes articles related to fitness for females. If you can write these kind of guides, go ahead and submit one.
  3. I Think I Can Fitness is a personal blog by a lady called Amber. She is very open to getting your post, and have it feature on her site for a win win solution for you both.
  4. Nerd Fitness is a extremely popular fitness blog which has a huge audience. If you can get a guest post on here you’re laughing!
  5. While Expert Enough doesn’t talk exclusively about fitness, they do have a section dedicated to it. Expert Enough is all about becoming an expert at something, so if you can provide a guest post about becoming a expert at something fitness related, be sure to submit it.

While I’ve listed 5 sites which you should get in contact with for guest post traffic, there are a lot of others that will also allow you to post on their site and get in front of their audience. Do a Google search to see which other fitness sites you can find which will let you post a unique guide on their site.

Create Fitness Related Youtube Videos

Create fitness videos on YoutubeAnother good way to start getting traffic for your new fitness blog is by creating relevant and useful Youtube videos!

Youtube is a super powerful tool. Not only does it allow you a place to showcase your videos for free, but it also has a built in audience which they actively promote people’s videos to.

Youtube should be key to your marketing strategy for two reasons. First of all, because videos provide you with excellent credibility. If you’re a real fitness guy or girl and know what you’re talking about, people will instantly see that when they watch a video of you.

If you can create videos showing others how to do something which will benefit their lives, it’ll be a lot easier to convince people to listen to you and become regular viewers of the material you put out.

The second reason you should be putting out Youtube videos is because Youtube can send you a decent amount of traffic. Videos on Youtube tend to rank a lot easier then written articles on Google. This means that when you create your first few blog posts, chances are you won’t get found for your keywords for a number of months. That said, if you make a lot of videos which target a lot of low competition ‘keywords’ (phrases such as ‘what should you eat before a morning gym session’ and ‘should you go to the gym in the morning or evening’) you can start getting views on your videos even without promoting them. They’ll just naturally get found on the Youtube search engine.

If you want to make a success out of your fitness site, you’ll definitely want to start making videos.

Facebook And Twitter Are Also Good For Promoting Fitness Websites

As with most business types, it’s important you get your name registered on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re willing to buy Facebook fans initially, you can instantly build up a targeted audience which can be used to send to your blog posts and get things moving right from outside the gate. Doing this alone can get you your first 300 or more visitors.

With Twitter you’ll want to search for people who are talking about fitness related things, and get involved in their conversation. You can find these people either by searching for certain terms your target audience might tweet about (e.g. ‘fitness plan’ and gym related terms), or by looking at who follows your competitors and talking to them when appropriate. You could also follow them and some of them will follow you back.

Getting Even More Traffic To Your Fitness Blog

So there you have it, how to get your first 1000+ visitor. Be sure to fully follow the above strategies, as while simple, they really do work.

The above will really get the traffic flowing to your site.

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