What Is ThriveCart, And What Does It Do?

ThriveCart is one of my favourite tools, but it’s recently come to my attention that some people still don’t know what it is.

So in this article we’re going to look at what ThriveCart is, what it does and how it works.

If you want a more in-depth look at it’s features, you can check out my ThriveCart review here. Otherwise read on below for the basics.

What Is ThriveCart?

So what is ThriveCart? Well:

ThriveCart is a premium online shopping cart created by UK based entrepreneur Josh Bartlett. You can use it to take payments online, deliver digital and physical goods, and increase your earnings per customer with their built-in conversion maximizing tools.

So that’s basically what ThriveCart is, now let’s look at what it does and how it works.

What Does ThriveCart Do?

ThriveCart does many of the basic things online shopping carts do. That said, where it stands out is the other features which many other shopping carts don’t do. Let’s look at some of these now.

Sell Your Digital Products

Like any good online shopping cart, ThriveCart allows you to sell your digital products to the world. Once you login and create a cart for a product you want, the next step is to embed this cart on your website’s sales page. Alternatively, you can have a standalone cart page which you share using a link ThriveCart gives you.

By directing your website visitors and customers to these shopping cart pages, you can sell your digital products to them. Some examples of digital products include:

  • Ebooks.
  • Online courses.
  • Digital collector cards.
  • Digital wallpapers.
  • Coupon codes or codes of other kinds.
  • And anything else which can be delivered online.

Sell Your Physical Products

ThriveCart also allows you to sell your physical products to people. You do this much in the same way you would sell digital products, except when you’re prompted to, you select physical products instead. From here you can integrate ThriveCart with a fulfilment service that will ship your products for you. More details on this below.

To be honest I feel ThriveCart is better for selling one-off products rather than having a whole store of physical products. This is because it’s a cart, rather than a whole online shopping store app. So if you’re looking to sell single purchases with an upsell (rather than people buying multiple items from a store front at once) this shopping cart is a great option.

Examples of physical products include:

  • Clothing (t shirts, jumpers, snapback caps, baby clothes etc).
  • Posters.
  • Mugs.
  • Pillows.
  • Physical books.
  • And anything else you can ship.

Deliver Your Digital Products

As well as being able to sell your digital products, ThriveCart also handles delivery of these for you. You can either integrate it with a third-party delivery tool such as MemberPress, or you can take advantage of ThriveCart’s redirect function and deliver the required digital product without any other software.

The same can be said for physical products in the sense it can be integrated with a third party to deliver them, although ThriveCart hasn’t got a built-in delivery function for physical products.

Integrate With Your Third-Party Apps To Increase Functionality

Another thing ThriveCart does is integrate with many third-party apps and fulfilment services. By using these apps you can greatly increase what the shopping cart can do.

An example of this is ThriveCart’s integration with Printful. Printful allows you to create your own products with your own branding, and ThriveCart allows you to easily sell those products on your own website or wherever you want. By using both together you can do a lot more than you could with either one tool alone.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; ThriveCart integrates with so many different apps which do all different things, it would be impossible to list them all here.

That said you can go to their website and see some of the other integrations and functionality there.

Collecting Customer’s Details

While my biggest business sells products on Amazon.com, the issue with that is Amazon doesn’t give you any customer data. Because of this you have to use imaginative ways to collect customer data, and even then you only ever end up capturing details of a small fraction of people who buy from you.

The great thing about using ThriveCart though is that you get full customer data when people order from you! Simply integrate with your newsletter provider to instantly send the customer’s details there for future use. Furthermore, ThriveCart also stores your customer data so you can use that information as you see fit.

This is super powerful as you can market to these people in future and make additional revenue. These are proven buyers, so super valuable to your business.

ThriveCart Lets You Take Payments Online

Lastly, and you’ve probably guessed this already from the above, but ThriveCart allows you to take payments online. It does this by integrating with payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal. This means your shopping cart is fully secure, and as PayPal and Stripe are trusted by many, people are more likely to complete their purchase with you.

How Does ThriveCart Work?

So lastly, how does ThriveCart work? Well in short, ThriveCart works by allowing you to take payments online and deliver a customer’s purchased goods automatically.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  • Setup a shopping cart for one of your products. ThriveCart guides you completely step-by-step through this process.
  • Add the shopping cart to your website.
  • Share your products sales page with potential customers and make sure a link to your shopping cart is on that page for those that want to buy.
  • People buy your product by adding their details to your shopping cart, including their card details. These card details are fully safe when you take the payment through a secure website.
  • Once they complete the purchase, ThriveCart delivers them their product using one of the integrations you add during setup.
  • If you integrated it with tools such as Active Campaign or other ones that collects customer data, you can retarget your marketing efforts towards them when you’re ready.

Conclusion, What Is ThriveCart?

So that’s what ThriveCart is; a premium shopping cart you can use to take payments and deliver your products.

If you’ve any other questions about ThriveCart please leave them in the comments below and I’ll see if I can help.

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